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We recognize that our clients and businesses throughout Puerto Rico rely more on the data that they collect from their customers and clients.  Thus, proper management of information—its security, use and misuse—is now a top priority for businesses and the need to proactively address these issues has never been greater.

Our Data Privacy and Cybersecurity solutions team has the skillset necessary to understand and properly respond to the broad spectrum of privacy and security considerations companies face today.  The group consists of privacy and data professionals, litigators, transactional lawyers, intellectual property counsel, seasoned government contracts practitioners and strategists, all of whom work closely with clients to monitor the changing data and cyber landscapes. After a comprehensive analysis of potential risks, we develop, execute and maintain tailored solutions to mitigate perceived threats and take advantage of underlying opportunities.  

Our lawyers have been recognized as leading attorneys by Chambers & Partners, Latin America and Global Editions, Best Lawyers, the Legal 500, among others.

Data Privacy Services

  • Perform privacy assessments to assist clients to comply with applicable federal and local privacy laws and regulations governing the handling of personal information.

  • Advise on privacy and protection concerns throughout the entire data lifecycle: collection, use, storage, sharing, and destruction. 

  • Prepare and revise privacy notices, internal privacy policies, retention and destruction policies, acceptable use policies, and third-party service providers privacy policies.

  • Assess on vendors privacy due diligence and cyber insurance coverage.

  • Provide educational presentations and training to in-house counsel and stakeholders about legal risks associated to cybersecurity incidents and privacy regulatory landscape.

  • Data privacy and cybersecurity trainings for client’s employees.

  • Prepare incident response plans and provide guidance for its integration in the business continuity plan. 

  • Assist in the post-incident response, including the coordination of internal investigations, compliance with breach notification requirements, and mitigation risk analysis.

  • Defense on regulatory proceedings and breach related litigations.

Melanie Pérez Rivera, Certified Information Privacy Professional / United States (CIPP/US), serves as chair of the Data Privacy and Security Practice. Melanie is the KnowledgeNet Puerto Rico Chapter Co-Chair of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) for the tenure January 2023 - December 2024.

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