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Our team regularly advises on the sale or acquisition of distressed companies whether in-court or out-of-court.  MPM has extensive experience in distressed buyouts, chapter 11 plan sponsorships, and sales under section 363(b) of the Bankruptcy Code. Purchasing a company and/or acquiring large amounts of its debt can yield substantial returns, whether done through a direct acquisition, becoming a chapter 11 sponsor, or a 363 sale. MPM has applied its experience with restructurings to assisting buyers and sellers of distressed companies. 

By offering creative, practical, and thoughtful solutions, our team ensures that clients achieve the most effective counsel regarding the complex issues associated with distressed M&A transactions.  

MPM’s extensive experience in this area extends to representing institutional and strategic purchasers of assets of troubled companies in distressed out-of-court M&A transactions as well as bidders in sales conducted under the Bankruptcy Code, including the special requirements, issues, and pitfalls related to these transactions (e.g., successor liability; bidding strategies, procedures, and protections).

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