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Our team, along with the litigation group at the firm, has substantial experience at the trial and appellate level on insolvency related litigation such as:


  • Non-bankruptcy fraudulent conveyance and other avoidance actions

  • Constructive trusts

  • Receiverships

  • Writs of attachment, writs of possession and other pre-judgment remedies

  • Judicial and non-judicial foreclosures

  • Defense of lender liability claims

  • Execution, garnishment, judgment debtor examinations and other methods of enforcement of judgments 


Our group at Marini Pietrantoni Muñiz regularly handles foreclosure matters, from the filing of the complaint to the disposition of the collateral through a public sale. We have substantial experience in defending lender liability maters and on all areas relating to Puerto Rico’s redemption statute. As part of our representation of lenders and financial institutions, our attorneys have appeared on behalf of creditors in the Supreme Court and Appellate Courts of Puerto Rico on matters relating to Puerto Rico’s redemption statute, foreclosure, and lender liability disputes.

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